Arguments Over Gambling Sites

Having a problem with or dispute at an online casino is every player’s worst fear. The lack of a governing organization with authority to issue gaming licenses is the biggest issue with internet gambling.

Some could counter that these are precisely what make internet casinos so popular and accessible. However, the unrestricted market is useless when trying to resolve a disagreement.

Disputes typically involve one of several common concerns. The most notable one has to do with financial incentives. Bonus conflicts are addressed in the terms and conditions section below, but I’d like to be completely up front about them.

If the casino you’re working with doesn’t allow you to, you probably won’t ever win a bonus dispute.

You probably won’t be successful in any disagreement due to the bonus structure they’ve put in place. This is not to imply, however, that bonuses are never offered. They do hand them out, and the vast majority of players have no complaints. I’m only pointing out that the terms and conditions probably hold the answer to any problems you might have with a bonus, and that you probably won’t win.


The second concern is whether or not you can trust the online casino’s games to be honest. If you follow the tips in the next section on how to prevent casino disputes, you won’t have to worry about whether or not the games are fair, despite the widespread belief that they are.


If you play at a reputable casino but still have suspicions that the games are rigged, one option is to keep detailed records of your play and then consult a mathematician or do the research yourself. It’s possible, but unlikely, that the roulette wheel will land on black eight times in a row.


When you win, but the online casino doesn’t pay out, that’s a big problem. This is discussed in both the sections on avoiding and settling disputes in casinos below.


Preventing Arguments in Casinos

There are two ways to stay out of trouble with an online casino. The first is to avoid playing at sites that have a poor reputation. The other is the next section, which discusses the terms and conditions.


If you can believe it, every online casino that has been around for any length of time and has a sizable client base has dealt with at least one consumer complaint. Most of these complaints come from persons who are cheating the casino in some way. Problems can arise at any casino, even if it’s well-established and makes every effort to provide excellent customer service and play by the rules.


The best online casinos, however, take steps to address these inequities fairly, while the worst do not.


How then do you locate reputable places to gamble online?


There are several options available, but the one I recommend the most is consulting an expert. The information provided here on the various gambling establishments is a good place to begin.


You should also check the casino’s terms and conditions, as well as their length of operation, software platform, membership in a protection agency (popular agencies are listed in their own area below), and licensing jurisdiction.


This may be a pessimistic outlook, but the alternative is to always plan for the worst and never gamble with money you wouldn’t mind losing. If one online casino cheats you out of your money, you may always try another. It’s conceivable that I’ve just been lucky, but when I follow these guidelines, I’ve never had a problem with an online casino that couldn’t be remedied.


Maybe I’ve misplaced a few dollars here and there over the years, but it’s nothing I’d even notice. The greatest online casinos want their players raving about how helpful the staff was, not how they were ripped off. Of course, there are lots of con artists who try to utilize this against online gambling sites.


Conditions & Terms

The bonus’s terms and conditions are at the heart of nearly every bonus-related controversy in casinos. General terms and conditions at online casinos cover everything not specifically related to bonuses. You must read the online casino’s rules and regulations before you begin playing.


In addition, before accepting any bonus, you should study its stipulations carefully. Over 90% of arguments might be avoided if individuals merely comprehended these documents, which I recognize are boring and are designed in a way that discourages players from reading them.


The lawyers that draft the terms and conditions for an online casino do so in order to safeguard the online casino. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re out to take advantage of you, but it does imply that they’ve thought of just about everything that could go wrong and planned for it—and it probably won’t end well for you.


To return to the bonus conflicts, the following are examples of potential bonus requirements. Some games may be off-limits while you’re trying to earn a bonus.


Roulette, craps, blackjack, and video poker are common examples of such games. Some casinos will not allow you to keep any of your bonus money if you play certain games.


Many bonuses are “play only,” meaning you can use the money to play, but if you try to withdraw it, you’ll lose it all. In most cases, you’ll need to play through your bonus and initial deposit a certain number of times before requesting a withdrawal.


The amount you can withdraw from an online casino in a week is often capped.


Before accepting your first withdrawal from an online casino, they will want to see proof that you are who you say you are and that you reside where you say you do. The standard terms and conditions should address this. Until a casino proves otherwise, it’s smart to play it safe and presume that a withdrawal will take a long time.


Some internet casinos’ cheques have taken up to a month to reach me.


Casino Dispute Resolution

The first thing you should do if you run into problems at an online casino or other gambling site is to get in touch with the customer service team. Communicate the problem and your desired solution in as much detail as you can while being calm and nonthreatening.


Keep in mind that you will be communicating with folks who do not share your native language and culture rather often. This is a good solution for many minor disagreements.


If you feel your issue is not being addressed, don’t be afraid to politely request to speak to a manager. The bulk of the drudgery in many support departments is handled by workers under the direction of competent managers. Talking to a higher-up can help get things moving in the right direction again.


Ask to speak to a supervisor repeatedly until you either get nowhere or they tell you they can’t assist.


Make sure you have all the information and proof you need before moving further. Take screenshots, print off copies of your conversations with the casino’s customer service, and double-check that you’ve read and fully grasped the whole set of rules before you play.


You should be familiar enough with the words to swiftly locate the sections that the casino specifies as relevant to your issue, and you should be prepared to do so.


Taking a brief screenshot of a major win or any event when you may require proof at a later date is a smart idea, but most players don’t think to do so when it happens.


Whenever possible, I’d rather resolve problems and complaints through written correspondence. This aids in providing a record of past conversations. A “he said, she said” debate is all too common in phone conversations.


The regulations regarding whether or not you are required to inform the other party that the call is being recorded differ from country to country. You should prepare as though you will have to defend your actions in court, even though you probably won’t (for more on this, see below). The more evidence you present, the more likely it is that your problem will be fixed.


There aren’t many choices left if none of this works. Consultation with an attorney and inquiry to an organization providing seals of approval to certain online casinos are discussed below.


Is a Lawyer Necessary Now?

If you find yourself in a dispute at a casino, you might be tempted to immediately consult a lawyer. However, doing so is rarely the best use of your time and money.


The first concern is whether or not the casino is situated in a court system that would hear your case. Most are not accessible from where you are.


The second problem is that, since most of these disagreements involve you and a casino in separate countries, international rules may come into play. This makes an already complicated situation even more so.


At the end of the day, you have to weigh the cost of your efforts against the potential reward. I’m not suggesting you never consult a legal professional about a gambling disagreement, though. You should at least consult with a lawyer if you have a strong case and the amount of money at stake is substantial.


However, legal representation may be rather pricey, and you certainly don’t want to waste money on a case you have no chance of winning.


The Central Disputes Body, the Interactive Gaming Council, and eCOGRA

You should get in touch with eCOGRA, the Interactive Gaming Council, or the Central Disputes Center if the online casino you’re considering has one of their seals of approval. Possibly, but I wouldn’t put my hopes in it.


The advice given earlier is also applicable here. Maintain your composure and thorough knowledge of the situation. If you allow your emotions get the best of you, the company may incorrectly assume that you are one of the many people who are trying to swindle the casinos.


In order to reassure players, online casinos often display seals from so-called “watchdog groups” like those described above. However, in reality, these groups can only do so much. It’s possible to win a case in front of one of these organizations if you have solid evidence, but you won’t find many reports of their really aiding players.


I’m not trying to discourage you from exploring this option. I would make an effort to do so. I’m merely recommending some restraint and waiting.



There aren’t many excellent options if you can’t resolve a problem with the online casino you play at. In case any of these problems actually arise, the solutions provided here are your best bet. If you take the time to read the terms and conditions and only play at the most reputable and secure online casinos, you should be able to avoid most problems.

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