The board has decided to license two additional casinos in Switzerland.

On the morning of March 24, 2010, the word was crystal plain and to the point: the Federal Council intends to approve the two new applications for licenses to operate casinos in Switzerland. Zurich and Neuchatel are the two municipalities that have submitted the request. However, as was said in a previous post, the revenues that are made by the two institutions will be distributed in Switzerland according to the communal property that is there.

Following the opening of new casinos in their jurisdictions, the Federal Commission of Game Houses (CFMJ) has carried out extensive research in the form of statistical studies and in-depth studies on the issue of gambling addiction. There have been two studies conducted, and the findings both point in a good direction for gaming. There are no issues to report, and the management of the dependents is at its highest level. In comparison to the rest of the world, the economic crisis has not had a significant impact on the market for gambling in Switzerland, despite the fact that earnings in 2009 experienced a minor decline.


In the coming weeks and months, the regulations that must be adhered to by any potential legitimate casinos will be outlined.

In order to prevent an abundance of game houses under its jurisdiction, the Federal Commission of Game Houses seeks to impose stringent standards.


Since Switzerland has a history of excessive spending, the country’s casinos are separated into two distinct categories: type A and type B.

Both are under the management of the same committee, yet neither has access to the other’s regulations. As a result, adjustments are going to be made to these categories, most notably regarding type B. To begin, there will be a 50% rise, from 150 to 250, in the total number of available spaces. After that, the standard ceiling of the jackpot will be increased by close to 200,000 Swiss francs in the upward direction. Finally, it is no longer possible for a single establishment to host multiple jackpots at the same time.


Take note that there will soon be a new policy regarding the safety of casino patrons. Given the significant number of armed robberies that have taken place in Switzerland during the past several days.

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